• On April 30 at 11AM took place under the title " De Pillecyn and Van Widerode back in their College", a literary aperitif In Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarier in St. Niklaas. Prof. dr. Marcel Janssens elucidated "the relationship between Filip de Pillecyn and Anton van Wilderode", this unique essay was fully rendered in our newsletter No. 2 of 2006. Reading was made from the works of De Pillecyn and Van Winderode, and the public also listened to speeches by prof. E. Waegemans, Walter Roggeman, Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck ( see our illustrated program page ). The musical framing by pianist Yannick Van de Velde, was exceptionally good, to say the least. It is a name to retain. Organized by: Internationale Vriendenkring Anton van Wilderode, Filip De Pillecyncommittee and Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie.


  • Commemoration
    Anton van Wilderode
    Wednesday June 28, 2006

    7.00 PM: prayers at the grave of Anton van Wilderode, Drongendreef, Moerbeke-Waas.
    Elocution by Antoine Denert, Mayor of Kruibeke, followed by recital.

    7.30 PM: Celebration of Eucharist in H. Antoniuskerk, Moerbeke presented by
    E.H. Fernand Bonnaerens and Carlos van Coppenole. Homily by deacon Karel Gysel.

    During the offertory, distribution of memorial picture with an unpublished poem by Anton van Wilderode.

    Singing by parochial choir of Moerbeke. Recitals: Marie-Jose Menu, Bettina Fierens and Willy Coppens.

    Followed by issuance of commemoration award Anton van Wilderode in city hall of
    Moerbeke-Waas, and a reception offered by the municipal authorities.

    You are heartily invited on behalf of the commemoration committee

    Roger Vervaet, chairman

  • On September 14 of this year we organize an event round " De Vlinderboom" in the Library of Congress in Washington. From the five-language vlinderboom, poems will be read in Dutch, Spanish and of course, English. This is to take place in the big Montpellier room. This promises to be an extraordinarily solemn occasion with a number of personalities from Flanders, Spain, and of course, USA.

    The musical intermezzos will be offered by by the chorus of the National Cathedral in Washington singing Lieder from De Vlinderboom put to music by our Flemish composer Roland Coryn. These are originally texts in Flemish, put to music and adapted to the English version of poems selected.
    Organizer: IVA in cooperation with the Belgian Embassy in Washington, the Spanish Embassy in Washington and the Library of Congress in Washington


  • On October 27 of this year we will be presenting our five-language Vlinderboom in Yuste in the Monasterio de San Jeronimo, the famous cloister where Emperor Karel has died. Readings from the book in five languages, musical intermezzos by a known Spanish choral ensemble ( yet to be determined ). Again in the presence of a number of prominents from Flanders, Spain and Portugal.

    As to De Vlinderboom, in this work the poet Anton van Wilderode crawls under the skin of Emperor Karel and experiences the last two years of his life after his departure from Brussels, going on board in Vlissingen, in order to end his life in Yuste. 96 sublime poems, all in always three quatrains. Emperor Karel was a powerful man, power attracts men,, and in the two last years of his life whirled his thoughts around his past life - this is the reason of choice of this book's title and reference to " de vlinderboom".