• Cortewalle Castle Jan 28 at 8PM
    New Year's reception on occasion of transfer of presidency from Prof.Dr. Mark Eyskens, former Prime Minister and Minister of State, to Luc Van den Brande, former Minister-President of Flanders' government and parliamentary deputy. Prof.Dr. Mark Eyskens, who stayed as President for ten years, was made Honorary President.
    Alderman Peter Deckers pronounces welcome spech with the warmth of a man from Waasland in a witty wording.
    Prof.Dr. Marcel Janssens presents in a brilliant manner his view over the "Change at the Helm". His speech was rendered in our Newslleter No.1 in 2005. A pointed farewell speech by prof.Eyskens and an address by the new chairman who charms the audience of the castle.. Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck limits her speech to a few anecdotes of the past ten years, colored by the gold of reminescing. The very numerous listeners liked it and a a resounding applause confirmed it. Additionally, the poem "Cortewalle" was read in Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanisch and Arabic.

  • On November 27 at 11.30 AM, in O-L-Vrouwpresentatiekerk in Begijnhof in Ghent was presented our five-language book " De vlinderboom, El arbol de las mariposas, L'arbre aux papillons, The butterly tree, A avore-das-borboletas (Dutch,Spanish, French,English, Portuguese). Reading of the collection of poems in various languages was done a.o. by Guido Cassiman (Dutch, French), Miguel Martin Ramos (Spanish). The poems were , interspersed by music especially composed on texts from the Butterly Tree, and performed
    by the entire Madrigalchoir of Ghent and Ensemble De Vento.
    Allocutions by the President of Fundacion Academia Europea de Yuste, Sr.Antonio Ventura Diaz Diaz, Deputy Jean-Pierre Van Der Mieren, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Spanish Embassy in Belgium, Sr.Luis Fernando de Segovia, Member of Parliament Luc Van den Brande. More than 300 persons were present, many expressing their enthousiasm during the
    reception that followed. Organizer Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck for the I.V.A. in cooperation with Fundacion Academia Europea of Yuste.
  • On December 4 at 11 AM took place our yearly Christmas concernt in Cortewalle Castle - Beveren. Under the title " the path inside", the internationally famous Gospodi Ensemble brought Slav-Orthodox music. By their subtle unison singing the quartet created a sphere of inner calming and relaxation.Together with the reading and commenting of poems by Anton van Wilderode, Jan Twardowski, Patrick Galvin and Robert Frost, brought the 135 present into an early blissful Christmas mood. Org.IVA, CC Ter Vesten, Beveren Municipality.