• 25 January - On occasion of "Poetry Day" Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck organized an afternoon of poetry-reading and study about Anton van Wilderode's work, titled "Remembering Anton" in the Cultural Centre "De Lijsterbes".

  • 27 January - New-year concert at the gallery "Venus of Milo" with the quartet "Astarte". Speeches by prof. dr. Mark Eyskens and prof. dr. MarceI Janssens, recital from Anton van Wilderode's poetry. Splendid new year reception offered at the members by the firm Milo. Information-stand.


  • 24 and 25 March - Participation at the book-market, exhibiting books written in Spanish. Organization: Cultural Club Encuentros. Recital by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck and Jos Berckmans from "El árbol de las mariposas" - "De Vlinderboom". Information-Stand.


  • 16 May - We presented at the Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature - Gent a bilingual volume Dutch/Swedish titled "Twee ikken - Två jag" with poems by Anton van Wilderode and our vice-president Östen Sjöstrand (member of the Swedish Academy and the Nobel-committee).

    Recital of these poems by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck and prof. dr. Claes, translator into Swedish. Music composed by Jan van Landeghem and Ernest van der Eycken for Anton's poems and creation of a specially composed song "Mother" sung by Christel De Meulder - At the piano: Erwin de Bock.

    An art-portfolio and cards were also proferred (calligraphy: Lieve van Kerckhove). Cooperation between our society and the Royal Academy. Inlormation-stand.


  • 18 August - Premiere in the Cultural Centre Sint-Truiden. Commisioned by our Society, Jan van Landeghem composed the music for four of van Wilderode's poems.

  • 20 September - "Remembering Anton", lecture and reciting from the poet's work for Informativa, Federation of Flemish societies and Rodenbachfoundation at the meeting centre Gulden Spoor in Bruges.

  • 21 September - Stockholm/Sweden Presentation of the book "Twee ikken-Två jag". Poems by Anton van Wilderode and Östen Sjöstrand, Reviews of both poet's work by prof. dr. Viktor Claes, Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck and our Ambassador in Sweden Mr. Jan Deboutte - Cooperation with the Belgian Embassy. Present: His Excellency Mgr. Anders Arborelius.


  • 29 September - Fourth Anton van Wilderode Poetical Competition supported by our Society. Special prize forwarded by the International Association Anton van Wilderode and gifts for the ten best classified contestants.

  • 16 October - Castle Cortewalle - Beveren, Poetical gathering titled "Dichter en Dichter" with the Spanish poet Alvaro Valverde and poems by Anton van Wilderode from "De v!inderboom" - "El árbol de las mariposas". Both writer's poems are recited in Spanish and in Dutch - Introduction by prof. dr.Marcel Janssens in the presence of an official Spanish delegation from Extramadura and its Governor. Cooperation between our Society and the Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste, started in the fall of 2000, will be continued in turn in Spain and in Flanders. This cultural event means more than bringing together two poets but means also to bring together two historical cultures already closely related. That is the meaning of the title" Dichter en dichter".

  • 10 December - Literary evening meeting at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. conducted by Mark Strand, Poet Laureate of the Year 1992 (USA) and Pulitzer Prize Winner. Reciting from poems by Anton van Wilderode, musical accompaniment - Cooperation with the Library of Congress and our Ambassy in Washington, this also in connection with the Belgian Presidence of the European Council. Introduction: prof. Prosser Gifford.