• 24 February - "Remembering Anton" by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck for Davidsfonds - Mortsel, VVB Mortsel - Boechout - Borsbeek. Information-stand.

  • 4 May - Presentation in Madrid (in the presence of many Vips), our Ambassador Mr. Demoulin and Mrs. Mieke Offeciers, of the volume "De Vlinderboom" translated into Spanish "El árbol de las mariposas". In connection with the commemoration of Emperor Charles V in the year 2000. A large audience present in the chapel of the Fundación Carlos de Amberes. Project supported by VEV, Keizer Karelcomité 1500-2000, and the Flemish Foundation for Literature.

  • 11 june - Walk-in of the foot path "Anton van Wilderode" in Sint-Amands, inauguration of a memorial plaque and opening of an exhibition of the work of our members, inspired by Anton's poems. Cooperation between International Association, Emmanuel Rollierkring and the municipal council Sint-Amands. Info-stand.

  • 8 July - "Orangery Vordenstein" Schoten - Exhibition of the poems, waterpaintings, etchings, photographs, silk-paintings, drawings... by the members of the International Association. Theme: "The Willow" Introduction by prof. dr.Marcel Janssens. Cooperation with Royal Garden-and Agriculture Society - Antwerp. Information-stand, edition memorial volume.

  • 22 October - Castle Cortewalle Beveren - Poetical aperitive time entitled "The word is neutral" with Hubert van Herreweghen, Willy Spillebeen and Patricia Lasoen, presentation Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck. Cooperation with FVV and municipality Beveren. Poems by Anton van Wilderode recited also. Info-stand.

  • 7 - 8 and 9 November - Caçares - Presentation of "De VInderboom" - "El árbol de las mariposas" at the Palacio Moctezuma of the Archivo Historico Provincial in the presence of Sr. D. Auguste Sanchez Moruño, Secretario General de Ia Consejeria de Cultura de Extramadura, Sr. Alvaro Valverde, Presidente de Ia Asociación de Escrites Extremeno, prof. dr. Mark Eyskens and Mr. Cas Goossens. An intensely interested public listened to the recital of poetry in Dutch by Beatrijs Van Craenenbroeck and in Spanish by the Poet José Antonio Zambrano, member of the Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste and our translator José Luis Reina Palazón. Many comments in the media.

  • 14 November - Presentation International Association and recital from the volume "El árbol de las mariposas" for the Asociación Belgo-Ihero-Americana in Antwerp.

  • 17 - 18 November - We organized in Dublin an evening full of poetry titled "Earth of my Memory".
    Anton van Wilderode's poems were brought in Dutch, French and English. We were supported by our Ambassador Baron Alain Guillaume and First Secretary Marc Michielsen. Prof. dr.Marc Eyskens and Sir Michael Higgings, both once time ministers, read some of their poems.