• January - Presentation at Instituut H.Familie - Sint-Niklaas of the book "De dag sneeuwt dicht". Christmas and Winterpoems by Anton van Wilderode compiled by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck.
    Illustrated by van Wilderodes twin brother Filemon Coupé. Edited by Lannoo (second print).

  • February - A large audience present in San Guiliano dei Fiamminghi in Rome for the presentation of van Wilderodes work in Dutch, French, English and Italian. Introduction: prof. Mark Eyskens and Mgr. Werner Quintens in the presence of ambassador Mr. Nothomb. Recitation by the Italian poet Franco Paris.

  • Contribution to the homage book "Muzikale rozen" (a collection of musical compositions on van Wilderodes poems) proposed by Bea Rombaut, v.z.w. De Rozentuin and publishers Foundation Mens en Kultuur- Gent.

  • May - Presentation of van Wilderodes work at the Adelbertvereniging Midden-Brabant at Tilburg. Lecture by prof. Marcel Janssens, recitation poetry by Huub Oosterhuis and Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck.

  • September - cooperation with FVV and Irish-Flemish Poetry Festival - Castle of Schoten and Kasterlee with Rita Ann Higgins, Patrick Galvin, Lucienne Stassaert and Miriam Van hee.

  • 25 October - Essen - Hof ter Weyden - recitation and lecture with musical accompaniment. Recitation by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck and Jos van der Veken in different languages. Elucidation of van Wilderodes work by prof. Mark Eyskens, titled "Journey to Dabar". Musical accompaniment by the cellist Karel Steylaerts.

  • 29 October - Presentation of the International Association at Avelgem for the Marnixring by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck, recitation and elucidation of van Wilderodes poems.

  • 11 December - Library of Sint Niklaas - Recitation and accompanying music for the presentation of the book "Het beeld van de dichter" Edited by Jef Meert.Our society donated most of the photographs, the facsimile printed poems, the introduction by our founding member prof. dr. Marcel Janssens, a prologue by our member Miel Claus (consul at Naples at the time) and eight unpublished quatrains for insertion in this book.

  • 12 December - We contribute to the festive session held in the town's theatre in Sint-Niklaas on occasion of the erection of a statue for Anton van Wilderode by the society "Kunst in de Stad" (a lot of publicity appeared in our Newsletter). The program for this festivity was taken care of by Beatrijs van Craenenbroeck. Our president prof. dr. Mark Eyskens and prof. dr. Marcel Janssens held the opening speeches. Vocalist Christel de Meulder brought the creation of a song specially composed, at our asking, by Ernest van der Eyken (the role of the 'Internationale Vriendenkring' was amply mentioned in the media).